About Us

A good recipe demands the finest ingredients to bring out the best flavours, colour and texture of the dish. When it comes to sugar that means Billington's Unrefined Cane Sugars.

Billington’s sugars are all unrefined which means they have been simply made by pressing out, cleaning and crystallising the juice from the sugar cane. Billington’s sugars range from a light golden to a dark treacly brown colour as the natural molasses of the sugar cane has been retained within each crystal to give the sugar a delicious flavour and aroma.

Billington's offers a complete range of natural, unrefined sugars to meet all your sugar needs. Whether the recipe is sweet or savoury there is the perfect sugar for you.

The unrefined soft brown sugars are perfect for baking. Billington's Light and Dark Muscovados are unrivalled in their rich flavour, colour and aroma and are the finest of the soft brown sugars.

The unrefined golden baking sugars add a subtle flavour and natural colour.

Unrefined Golden Granulated, Demerara are the perfect everyday accompaniment to hot drinks or sprinkled over cereal or fruit.

Billington's unrefined sugars: the finest range of quality sugars in the world.